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Top 5 Mistakes New Pharmacy Affiliates Make

Promoting meds as an RX affiliate can be quite a profitable business. Pharmaceuticals are in strong demand and there’s no reason that this demand will decrease at any point in the near future. If you are new to a pharmacy affiliate program, it’s important to develop a strategy before beginning your promotional work. You don’t want to waste your precious time or money. Here are 5 mistakes almost every newbie makes when just starting out. Avoid the following in order to reap the best monetary results from your efforts.

Common mistakes of the newbies at the rx affiliate program

1. Don’t just sell a product to sell

Yes, the overall goal is to sell meds and make money by promoting a range of medications and supplements. You should do your best to accomplish a sale by benefiting the customer with a purchase. Explain the purpose of the product, its benefits, and who would get the advantages from its use. By spending your marketing efforts to provide a thorough explanation with a targeted approach, you’ll get more profit in the long run.

2. Too many offers

Yes, you can promote an entire store of pharmaceuticals, but its best to limit the number of offers you are advertising. Firstly, this will keep you more focused, plus it appears to a potential customer that you are more serious about a particular offer. If you start promoting too many offers and list them all on the same pages, customers will be turned off by the clutter. Too many banners or links is messy and could make your website, blog, or landing page look less credible.

3. No testing or tracking

If you don’t see what marketing efforts of yours are working to promote online pharmacy products, how will you upgrade your targeting strategy? It’s important to try and test different marketing tactics, and see which works best for your budget and audience. Always track your customers and see where they click, why, how long they stay on the page, and if they make a purchase. Use this strong data to enhance your targeting efforts and boost your conversion rate.

4. Not comparing

In the pharmacy niche, there are so many competing products that in practice do the same thing. Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis for example, all are well-known brand names to treat erectile dysfunction. Each has their pros and cons and everybody reacts differently to them. So one may be better for one person than another. The best way to handle this is to offer more than one product that fills the same need. This offers the customers the ability to compare their options and choose which one they prefer. Many customers are more likely to choose one option when presented with more than one.

5. Don’t trick

Do not trick your customers. If a product is able to do something for someone, explain it properly. If it is not able to do something, then don’t talk about it. There is nothing less credible and worse for business than giving customers false information. Besides, you have a higher chance of selling additional products to former customers if the products you promoted were worth the purchase or at least, accurate to what you described.

By taking to mind the following points, and learning to avoid certain tendencies, you will have a strong affiliate marketing career ahead of you. Looking to get started with an online pharmacy affiliate program? Check out OnlineRxMaster website and get started with promoting top quality RX products today.

Why It’s Easy to Achieve Success Promoting Generic Medications

Aiming to satisfy both the needs of pharmacy affiliates and their target audiences, the OnlineRXMaster pharmacy affiliate program provides two choices of pharmaceuticals for promotion: brand name and generic medications. Here we would like to talk about how exactly generic drugs are different and why their marketing potential should never be underestimated.

Achieve success as a pharmacy affiliate with generic meds

What are generic drugs?

Generic drugs are medications based on the same active ingredients as brand names, but not protected with patent rights. Once a company purchases a patent for sale of a certain medication, they are entitled to do so exclusively and under their own brand for the entire period of validity of the patent. However, when the patent expires, other companies get the right to sell the same medication under a generic name (for example, the generic name for Viagra is Sildenafil Citrate).

In some cases, manufacturers produce both brand and generic versions of the same medication to allow more price flexibility.

Are they safe?

The question most frequently asked by potential buyers is whether generic medications are of lower quality or have any other disadvantages compared to brand name drugs.

The answer is – no, the Food and Drug Administration makes sure that no generic drug poses a risk for buyers. More specifically, it recognizes generic medications as those that are “identical, or bioequivalent, to a brand name drug in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics and intended use.” Therefore, the only difference is the price.

If we consult the OnlineRxMaster product list, we will see that a brand name Viagra pill costs almost two times as much as its generic counterpart (which is quite normal, since it includes the cost of the relevant patent rights). Generally, the price of a generic alternative is usually 40-60% lower. Another common concern of patients (and a pharmacy affiliate) is whether generic medications are recognized by medical specialists. The answer is again – yes. Doctors and medical institutions not only recognize but also use generic medications.

Why promote generic drugs?

Now, you may ask – why promote a cheaper medication if under the RevShare payment scheme you get a percentage of the price?

Firstly, more customers can afford cheaper medications, which results in still higher profits and a wider clientele. Secondly, produced by various companies, generic drugs are less vulnerable to whims and doubtful pricing decisions of their exclusive manufacturers. The most recent of such decisions stirred a wave of hate towards Martin Shkreli – a pharmaceutical company CEO – who purchased the patent rights for Daraprim (a medication prescribed to patients with HIV) and hiked its price by 5,000 percent overnight. Hence, generic drugs are more reliable than their brand-name analogues.

Our online pharmacy affiliate program offers an extremely wide choice of generic medications, approved by the FDA and available in different forms and dosages. Some of them are analogues to top medications and their analogues such as:

• Generic Viagra, analogue Sildenafil Citrate;
• Generic Cialis, analogue Tadalafil Citrate;
• Generic Levitra, analogue Vardenafil.

The demand for generic medications is growing since in many cases they are the only chance for a patient to afford treatment. We do not advise our affiliates to give up on promoting brand names altogether but simply give credit to generic medications, even though the respective affiliate commissions can be lower. Offer your customers both variants – each of them will find a respective target audience.

Join the OnlineRxMaster online pharmacy affiliate program and earn by promoting high-quality generic and brand name medications with free worldwide shipping and a pack of additional benefits.

Breaking: Enormous Growth in the Meds Prices

Earning a living as a pharmacy affiliate? Then the great news is here. The prices of the twenty top and the most often-prescribed brand-name meds for seniors have seen an enormous growth in 10 times more than the annual rate of inflation over the past 5 years, according to a report by the U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, released on March 26, 2018.

Growing meds prices open new opportunities for every rx affiliate

The study mentioned above analyzed the expenses of the 20 most frequently prescribed meds under the Medicare Part D program from 2012 to 2017. From the list of these 20 best-selling meds, 12 drug prices increased by more than 50% over the last five years and six of them had seen price increases of more than 100%, the study said. The study has also stated that total sales revenue from these prescriptions increased by almost $8.5 billion during that period.

Americans spend quite a lot on the prescription medicine — much more than in any of the other countries all over the world. But what really sets the USA apart from most countries is the extremely high prices.

US spending on the prescription meds has risen to $453bn during the last year. Gross spending on meds has risen 1.4% in 2017, while net spending — which accounts for manufacturer discounts and rebates — increased to 0.6% more. The study predicted that spending on drugs would see the boost in the future years and that overall spending on meds would reach $550bn-$600bn until 2022.

Many of the drugs whose list prices increased have lower-priced generic competitors in the USA, including male-impotence pill Viagra, the price of which has risen considerably in recent years. The list price for a month’s supply of Viagra rose 9.4% to $2,211 on July 1, after a similar price increase on Jan. 1.

How does it affect the RX affiliate program participants? Our suggestion is to make emphasis on the US market and pay attention to generic medications. The generic meds are becoming especially popular on the wave of the enormous growth in the prices of the brand-name drugs. In the conditions of growing healthcare costs, make sure to get the most marketing benefit out of free worldwide delivery and coupon discounts, provided by the OnlineRxMaster.

In all other respects, growing medication prices mean higher profits for those promoting them. Join our online pharmacy affiliate program, and you will be able to use a choice of optimized and convenient website templates for easy and profitable promotion. For more information about the OnlineRxMaster, feel free to explore our home page.

Guess What – Pharmacy Affiliates Are Climbing to the Top!

It is our genuine pleasure to see even more proof that being an online pharmacy affiliate is becoming more profitable on the very next day. It’s far from being an ungrounded statement and just something we’d like to believe in while running our business. As a matter of the fact, the pharmacist has been recognized as the 64th best job 2017 in the United States, according to CareerCast’s ranking.

Being an online pharmacy affiliate is becoming more profitable

“Health care is one of the US economy’s pillars, sustaining growth even though there have been employment downturns in other industries. Increased access to health care and more emphasis on preventative care have further fueled the importance of health care professions,” says CareerCast.

We couldn’t have said it better – growing demand for the brand and generic medications, which we’ve been observing over the last few years, only proves what CareerCast has concluded in its report.

The criteria used to evaluate the ranking of jobs were: work environment, income, projected growth, and stress. Negative environmental factors included competitiveness, hazards, public contact, bad work conditions and physical labour. High-stress scores were assigned to jobs with pressing deadlines, lots of travel, physical demands and low growth potential.

The combination of scores in all criteria (work environment – 142, stress score – 38, projected growth – 120, median salary – $122,230) landed pharmacists in the 64th position of the ranking.

Now, while the description of an RX affiliate mostly coincides with that of a pharmacist (dispenses prescription medications to patients and offers expertise in the safe use of prescriptions), the environment and stress scores are obviously lower. You are working from the comfort of your home – is there anything less stressful?

That is why we deem it justified to place working with an online pharmacy affiliate program somewhere around 7th or 8th position – right after data scientists, statisticians, and information security analysts.

If it is not a reason enough for you to consider joining our program, we don’t know what will. And if it is – you can sign up right now to start making money in a matter of days.

Welcome to the OnlineRxMaster Affiliate Blog

Welcome to the OnlineRxMaster blog, the best source for the online marketing tips and how-to’s that RX affiliate could find. Since this is our very first post, we’ll take this opportunity to review OnlineRxMaster’s features and benefits, and also give you a peek at what’s to come here in our blog. OnlineRxMaster is a high-paying RX affiliate program, which could help you monetize both mobile & desktop traffic from your SEO, paid, social media, SMS and email channels.

Welcome to our online pharmacy affiliate program

Our benefits include:

• $50 revenue rate or 45% RevShare;
• Exclusive offers from Tier 1 countries;
• High-converting Beauty & Wellbeing products;
• 10+ language-localized website versions;
• Weekly payouts with no holdups;
• Custom terms and White Labels for well-performing affiliates;
• 365-day cookie tracking;
• 24/7 support.

Your customers will enjoy the following features:

• The best meds available including brand-name and generic;
• Beautifully designed websites built to convert and upsale;
• Rock-solid payment processing including Visa, MasterCard, multi-currency and more;
• Worry-free 30-day refund policy;
• Fast (Free) global shipping;
• 24/7 customer support.

To learn more about OnlineRxMaster monetization opportunities, you’re always welcome to visit our website or contact your assigned affiliate manager directly.

Tap into Insider’s Tips and How-To’s

The sole purpose of the OnlineRxMaster affiliate blog is to share valuable tips and industry secrets which are usually a paid-for commodity among marketing professionals. We want every online pharmacy affiliate to do well, and to achieve that we will present important how-to’s in the posts to come.

Stay tuned to learn how to increase your SERPs and Page Ranks!

In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding our online pharmacy affiliate program, visit or contact your affiliate manager directly.